Telepathic Journey of Seagulls and Me

An Extrasensory Bond

This is a recorded audio I made of, the amazing Telepathic encounter of untamed Seagulls. This Voyage originated years ago in Sausalito, Ca to present day inland San Francisco.

Peaky The Seagull

Peaky And The Candle 2-4-19 Time 6:45:04 p.m.

A round figure with a Smile to the right of the candle 2-4-19 TIme\e 6:45:17

Double Vision A gorgeous profile of Peaky. 2-4-19 Time 6:45:44

Peaky On Fire 2-4-19 Time 6:46:03

Sovereign Peaky 2-4-19 Time 6:46:17

Crafty Peaky 2-4-19 Time 6:44:50 p.m.

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