The Second Sun And The Video Of Venus

This is the first & second episode of “The Second Sun” and “The Video of Venus.” Please stay tuned for more to come...
Music/Videos/Photos by Alabastra

Episode 1, July 19th 2018

Episode 2, August 7th 2018

Episode 3, September 2nd 2018

Episode 4, September 18th 2018

Episode 5, September 21st 2018

Episode 6, September 22nd 2018

Healing Images

Healing Light

Have you ever wished to touch the Stars? The Sun? The Moon? The propagation of the light from these celestial bodies into human beings is Alabastra’s unique ability. She connects people with their light to cleanse, guide, and invigorate. It is the grand blessing she was given which she has been asked to share with this world.
At an early age, as she gazed upwards from the distant mountains to which she was born, these celestial bodies called out to her; beckoning that she raise her hand upward to connect with them, touch each of them with her hand. As time wore on Sister Moon, Father Sun, and the Guardian Stars revealed their secrets to Alabastra. First their names, and then with great care, the power of their light which fell upon her hands and her spirit.After many years of closely guarding her connection with the heavenly bodies, they have now asked her to share their light with the world so that it may be whole again. So that the darkness which has come over the world may be extinguished with their luminescence. May Alabastra touch you with the light of these fair creatures of the sky so as to cleanse your soul, revitalize your energy and bring clarity to your mind’s eye. With Alabastra’s help, we shall leave the darkness and find the light.

Melancholia Instrumental in Eb Song and Video by Alabastra Head Over To The Music Page To Listen To The Entire Melancholia Album

–  Guidance to the Truth Path
– Removal of Doubts
– Increased Clarity, Direction, and Focus
– Opening of the Third Eye
– Protection from Harm
– Protection from Evil Forces and Traps
– Purveyance of Good Luck
 Luck and Good Fortune

–  Cleansing of Impurities
– Purifying of Internal energies
– Removal of Spiritual Turmoil
– Blossoming of Internal Peace
– Breaking of negative external forces
– Internal Energetic Equilibrium
– Synchronization with Celestial Energies
Harmonic Balance of the Aura

​​- Rejuvenation of the Spirit
– Stimulation of Personal Growth
– Increase in Energy Flow
– Removing Knots in Energy Flow
– Transformation of Aura
– Rebalancing of Vibrance
–  Stimulation of Chakras
– Enhancement of Personal Abilities

Healing Music

A native of the universe residing in San Francisco California, vocalist/musician/composer Alabastra made a decision to remain underground for many years. With the continued praise for her music from many high profile music industry executives, musicians, and performers, she finally made the decision to bring her music to the forefront for all music lovers to enjoy her music. 
Alabastra is not your typical artist. Her songs span a wide variety of genres from jazz, blues, rock, to classical, and more. Her songs are inspired from deep within her subconscious, with the true inspiration emerging from cosmic boundaries. “I truly feel a direct connection with the sun and the moon. There are more answers out there than I find on this earth”, says Alabastra.

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Testimonials of the Light

When I met Alabastra I found myself in a dark and confusing time, My life was okay, but my being was not. I felt an emptiness. And things were just going wrong for me. I felt like I was off my path and that I was never going to find my way out of the woods.

Then I participated in connecting with Sirius. And then the Rite of the Guardians. In the moment I felt that Sirius touched me, that a force was on my body and was moving inside me. As I left her presence I was shocked at what I had felt and experienced with Alabastra.

And then things began to change. I felt like the self-doubt which had plagued me began to lift. I began to feel that the darkness had left my heart and that my soul intuitively began to direct me on the path I was supposed to be on.

Things began to change for me. I moved into a new and very positive direction in my career. I moved on from burdensome relationships and problems in my life. In only a few months my misfortunes had become fortunes and things had really turned around for me.

I am now returning to Alabastra so that she can energize me with Father Sun’s light. I feel like after the last time helped me shed the emptiness and bad fortune and return to my path, Father Sun will now give me the energy to charge forward and meet my goals.

Thank you Alabastra.

-James B.   

Thank You Alabastra. Thank you for letting the light of Father Sun come into me and bring the life back to me.

I first found Alabastra through a friend who had told me that she could really help people find their inner-self and spirit again. In the last few years I’ve been out of energy, I had no real ambition; I was just coasting by. My friend gave me her contact and told me to call and try. Just Try.

So I contacted Alabastra very skeptically and told her what was happening to my life and how I had been feeling out of energy. Alabastra told me to set an appointment immediately. “Father Sun is here for you. Don’t worry.” She told me.

On the day of the appointment I went over to her practitioners hall around 2 PM. which she told me was best because that was when Father Sun’s rays are the strongest.

I stepped in thinking that there was no way this was going to work. “Whatever, there is a no-risk money back guarantee.” I thought. What did I have to lose?

Let me tell you that I walked out feeling like a new person. I had energy once again! I felt like dancing, and I did all the way home.
I did not ask for my money back. In fact, I have been back to Alabastra’s several times so that she can propagate Sister Moon’s light into me so I may be cleansed.

The only thing that I can say is that Alabastra has made me new. I have not felt so energized in such a long time.

-Alice G.

This was one of the most incredible experiences that I have ever had. The things that I saw and that I felt in Alabastra’s presence I used to think were impossible.

I went to meet Alabastra after reading about her connection with the Moon. I always swore that I felt something special with her. On those full moon nights I would always look up and feel like the energy was really affecting me. 

She performed the Rite of the Full Moon with me. Alabastra took me through the ritual at her place of practice on a clear and blue full Moon night.

The Rite was really something else. The room was completely dark except for moonlight shining through the window. When Alabastra stepped into the light I swear she glowed. The light seemed to be moving through and glowing out of her!

Alabastra reached her hands up to the light and called out to me! The ritual is something very private, but Sister Moon touched me directly. Her light entered into my body and into my soul. I have never felt so cleansed.

Now every time I look up to Sister Moon I really do feel part of the Moon. Just like before but much stronger. She speaks to me.

I am forever grateful to Alabastra for connecting me to Sister Moon. I will be visiting again soon.

-Daniel S.

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