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The Moon & The Blue Visitor

OCT. 23.2018 3:34 am-

OCT. 23.2018 3:42 am

START OCT. 23.2018 3:34 am

Finale OCT. 23.2018 Time 3:42 am

Moon Triangle 1-2-19:45

An Object In My Finger. A Round shape Matter To The Left Touching My Room. 4-17-19. 3:34:21

Same Object 4-17-19. Time 3:34:45

Still There. 4-17-19. Time 3:35:17

Moon Triangle 4-17-19 Time 3:47:32

4-17-19. Time 3:47:54 a.m.

Heart Of The Moon. Message is loud and clear to me. 9-18-18. Time 12:04:55

A beautiful Triangle here. The Sun does the same gesture. Triangles have same multitude of colors both in The Moon and The Sun.
9-20-18 Time 2:01:36

A good clear Triangle in plain site. You can’t miss it.
9-20-18 Time 2:01:15

The colors of the angles are the same as The Sun. Only if I could zoom in!! 9-20-18 Time 2:01:36

A bit hazy the remanence is there. 9-20-18 Time 2:01:50 a.m.

The Kaleidoscopic tincture is visible. Are these the reflection of The Sun? 9-20-18 Time 2:02:21

Hearts Are Out Tonight 9-2-18 TIme 2:02:44

Out Of Focus. Reason I am posing this is to focus at the right and see multitude colors of The Source is visible. The remanence is all throughout. 9-20-18 Time 2:03:04

Double Vision. Colors are imminent. It is not about the quality of the picture so much as it is the quality of the conveying the message. 9-20-18 Time 2:03:23

Curious to know where the Moon gets his radiance?
9-20-18 Time 2:03:49

Moon Ripple. It is fun to zoom in and see all those beautiful colors. 9-20-18 Time 2:04:12

Vivacity is apparent . A small flame to the right I should say!! 9-2-18 Time 2:04:33

Many Moon Tear Drops. 9-2018 Time 2:05:19

The Silhouette Is Fading. I stuck around to document this process as the Moon leaves the vicinity. In the next few photos you will see it take place.
9-20-18 Time 2:08:02

Just a few seconds later. 9-20-18 Time 2:08:36

Way Passed Midnight Hour. 9-20-18 Time 2:09:01

Moon Dance Night. 9-2-18 Time 2:09:31

Fading Into The Distance. 9-20-18 Time 2:09:50

Waining Away. 9-20-18 Time 2:10:09

All Things Must Come To Pass. 9-20-18 Time 2:10:25

Voila!!! Finale!!! The end is here. Now you see it and now you don’t. The timeline explains the appearance and disappearance of The Triangle that celebrates our lives. We are one with the Celestial Divinities. You too can have this experience. All it takes is ample time and devotion.

Here is another example of Moon Reflection. Myriad of colors to the side of the window pane. It begs the question?
10-18-18 TIme 12:07:57

I call it Transmission Of Consciousness Into The Ether. 10-18-18 TIme 12:23:47

Hanging Out With Luna. After all it is still The Midnight Hour!! 10-18-18 TIme 12:24:44

An aura of light aqua blue color around the Moon is prevalent in almost all the photos.
10-18-18 Time 12:25:13

You can see the colors of Gold-Blue-Orange-Green radiating. Slight color of Purple is bleeding from the Sun.
10-18-18 Time 12:25:38

Zooming in you will see all those magnificent colors protruding into The Ether and onto Your truly, 10-18-18 Time 12:26:24

The colors are getting more vivid as we move toward The Moon Sit. Feel the energy bleeding into the window glass. So close to touch. 10-18-18 TIme 12:27:23

Moon Dance
In about few seconds The Moon turns into a lamp, the air is still as a Balmy Night. Wowwe! shall we say Transmutation? 10-18-18 Time 12:27:59

Vigorous Activity. To the left of the building which happens to be my room you can see the multitude of colors dancing in The Moon Light Hour Hour . We are about a minute in between a Balmy Night to a Midnight Twilight.
10-18-18 Time 12:28:36

There are about 4 characters in the midst. If it could only be zoomed in!! I leave it to your imagination. Yes, it is The Restless Moona. 10-18-18 Time 12:29:00

A few more to finish this Series of October 2018 as the Transformation Transitions during The Midnight Hour. I like to make up words. LOL.
10-18-18 Time 12:30.00

A few more to finish this Series of October 2018 as the Transformation Transitions during The Midnight Hour. I like to make up words. LOL.
10-18-18 Time 12:30.00

In just seconds we are back with the Triad projecting it’s par excellence. As I mentioned prior that the Sun is capable of the exact same signaling. It all started with the Moon first. It really took me by surprise to discover that The Soleil did the same. I was enthralled to find out that the reflection of the colors were also the same as I have already mentioned. 10-18-18 Time 12:30:53

There is kind of Tear Drop Moon with colorful letter alphabet M’s on the sphere of The Luminous. At times the photos are not totally focused but you get the picture!! Now it is descending fast and time to turn the page!!
10-18-18 Time 12:31:22

The shimmering Light Blue is still imminent around Our Moon. This last photo brings Th. Good Night Series to an End. Until the next time.Good Night!! Sweet Dreams!!
10-18-18 Time 12:32:07

Blue Moon Shadow. I find this intriguing. Sky was all dark and cloudy and yet The Moon was shining exuding a magnificent light blue color into The Realm. Next you will see how Moon transmutes it’s beautiful self!!
10-22-18 Time 2:16:48

Heart Of The Moon I see a Heart shape upside down from my angle in the midst of Blue Night Skies. Notice very Characteristic fainted color aura around the Blue Hemisphere. 10-2218 Time 2:19:51

Hypnotic Moon The scene changes instantly to a normal round Moon emitting the baby blue color as it rolls.
10-22-18 Time 2:20:33

Twilight Moon This view is really breath taking. In almost all the pictures Moon has a thinly light blue belt around it and sometime it is not as visible. Now that blue belt has expanded its size to a full blown greenish blue misty color.
Aura has a strong hold over the moon.
10-22-18 Time 2:21:15

A bit of Matrix shift there. Strong characters are outs and about. It seems peaceful and quite unlike where we reside living in constant manufactured destruction to keep us divided and confused. Instead we could get in touch with our higher subconscious. 10-22-18 Time 2:21:46

A bit of humor here before we bid farewell and goodnight!!!
10-22-18 Time 2:22:37

Heart Of The Moon A small light purple object appears to the left of the window as the ambience around seems dark. Hazy colors surrounding Luna is apparent. Notice the change of backdrop in the next few photos.
12-10-18 Time 6:38:40

Outside backdrop turned to daylight so I had to snap it quickly. The blue reflection on the window seemed puzzling to me. 10-10-18 Time 6:39:26

Dark To Light Sensation Within a minute the scene remained the same before it transformed back the original light. Quite amusing!!
12-10-18 TIme 6:40:04

Array of colors dancing around as the Matrix shifts. It is interesting to see how the metamorphosis takes place.

12-10-18 TIme 6:40:53

Heart Of The Moon with a nice touch of Hallo at the top. It is really romantic and heart warming. I do feel the synergetic wavelength. 12-10-18 TIme 6:41:19

Heart Of The Moon Shadow A faint purple Moon Shadow is making appearance but not for long. Anomalies come and go!! 10-10-18 TIme 6:42:05

Kaleidoscope Moon Heart A myriad of colors surrounding La Lune. Zooming in the colors are imminent. 10-10-18 TIme 6:43:13

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Nocturnal Moon Farewell my Nightingale!!! 10-10-18 TIme 7:00:34

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