Healing Lights

Guardian Stars

Blessed be the Guardian Stars. Each night, as father son sets, our guardians come to watch over us. Their light shines ever distant, yet ever bright. Whether Sister Moon is at her fullest to guide our path, or has turned her face away, the Guardians are always there to shine on us in their multitude. Blessed may that be.

Among the guardians there are a few who hold us dear, many of which Alabastra has come to know and love. Many a night they call to her and share their light. Alabastra has learned that their luminescence, though faint, is a powerful companion capable of shepherding souls along their journey.There are the strongest and the brightest and among them;  none shines brighter than Sirius.
She is strong, she is bold, she loves admiration and her light, which twinkles a multitude of colors, has long helped guide humanity in its quest to navigate the Earth’s waters.

In Polynesia she was Ka’ulua,  the “Goddess of Heaven.” Her light passes directly over the archipelego and guided these great navigators to safety on each of their perilous journeys.
To the Egyptians, she was the “Dog Star” Isis, the daughter of the God of the Earth and the Goddess of Sky. Her appearance in the night sky marked the beginning of the Egyptian calendar and the time when the Nile floods would begin.
Sirius speaks to Alabastra. Her powerful light, offers protection to those embarking on a quest, and helps those who have lost their way once again find the path.
Let Alabastra connect you with the Guardian Stars.

Sister Moon

Blessed be our Sister Moon, for she ever vigilant brings light to us at our darkest hour.  Her light is holy, and her light is cleansing, a wonder ever beautiful for all that lives on Mother Earth.

Born of the same as our Mother, Sister Moon is our closest kin. She hovers ever present above us in the sky, whether by day or by night, bathing us in her light so that we may be cleansed.

And yet, we all know that our fair sister turns her face towards and away from us in constancy. She is unique as such.

The Romans knew her as Luna. The deity that rode across the heavens on a two-yoke chariot whilst Father Sun rests. Her light the guide for whomever walked in the night.

During the cycle of Sister Moon, Alabastra receives her light, propagating it throughout her surroundings

With her light she can fill even the most tepid of souls, cleanse those that have long since lost their light, and bring peace to anyone who desires to shine in their existence.

May Alabastra fill you with the vibrance of Sister moon. May she connect you to her for both an instant and for eternity.

Father Sun

Pray for our Father Sun, for it blesses us with all our vitality. Without Father Sun, Mother Earth would be shrouded in darkness.

It is Father Sun who has sown the seed in Mother Earth, eon after eon, continuing to radiate the light which breathes vitality into her.

For the Egyptians he was “Ra,” responsible for the creation of all forms of life, having spoken them into existence by their names.

To the Greeks he was Apollo, not only Father Sun himself, but the god of music, light, prophecy, healing, and poetry. Father Sun has shined life into all that exists.

His strength and vigor is a blessing that no living being can take for granted. Remember that Father Sun is the most powerful of our guardians.

Each day, as it crosses through the sky, Alabastra watches Father Sun shine upon Mother Earth. As the solar beams descend, Alabastra acquires vitality in its purest form.

May Alabastra fill you with vitality and bring  Father Sun’s energy to invigorate the depths of your soul.   

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