Astral Images

The story behind every picture

It all started about a year ago. All of these pictures were taken inside the house. During a period of one year, I have taken about 5000 pictures, all from a 26” x 26” window looking into the sky, where a 19” by 19” view of the sky is visible, due to high buildings. Practically, all of the shots are from just one window, looking out. 

​The celestial bodies are the most generous with their immense offerings. Each of these photos have a story to tell and their own footprint or uniqueness.  They give me an array of daily new perspectives with each episode, that in short, is how they communicate with me.
There is no digital manipulation applied. The purpose of sharing this colossal amount of real time photos is to get input from astral experts in cosmology and photography, so I get a better understanding of what is captured. These objects appear and disappear very quickly and I catch them with my camera whenever I can.

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