Father Sun

The Revitalization

Father Sun’s light is the source of all energy and vitality on Mother Earth. 

Alabastra can transfer the light of Father Sun into you so as to fill you with vibrance and vitality of youth.

This revitalization involves the transmission of Father Sun’s light directly into your core energy centers, thereby reconnecting you to the source.

At the end of this process, after feeling an intensity like no other, you will feel tremendous vigor with your energy replenished.

Blessed be Father Sun’s light. It will warm up your heart so that it beats with force, your face glows young and your eyes shine bright with eternal light.

Grow with Father Sun

The light of Father Sun offers an opportunity to initiate growth in all of us.

Alabastra routinely transmits the light of Father Sun onto the body’s energy centers to stimulate inner growth.

The focus of this process is to allow you to harness the medicinal solar energy, enabling you to heal yourself and help your fellow human beings.

As the energy of the sun enters you, you will notice the effects immediately as you become one with the sun.

The most incredible still awaits! Over the next weeks and months you will notice that your spiritual abilities are  growing, ascending to heights never before experienced.

The Rehearsal of Life

Partake in the Ritual of the Rehearsal of Life. Father Sun is the champion of life and its blessed circle.

This ritual holds the sacred ability to return the joy of life to those who have lost their vitality along their path.

During this ritual you shall undergo a transformation, through the light of Father Sun, that will endow you with it’s renewed blessings.

This blessing cannot be undone by the weariness of life. It shall continue to provide you with vibrance each time you pass under its light.

Blessed be Father Sun for it gives us all the gift of life, here, on Mother Earth.​

Alabastra can transmit the light of Father Sun into those standing in her presence.

Do you want to connect with Father Sun?

Do you desire the vibrance you once felt? To feel its energy fill your soul and energize your existence?

​Do you wish to have his radiance, forever in your heart?

You can.   

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