A native of the universe residing in San Francisco California, vocalist/musician/composer Alabastra made a decision to remain underground for many years. With the continued praise for her music from many high profile music industry executives, musicians, and performers, she finally made the decision to bring her music to the forefront for all music lovers to enjoy her music. 
Alabastra is not your typical artist. Her songs span a wide variety of genres from jazz, blues, rock, to classical, and more. Her songs are inspired from deep within her subconscious, with the true inspiration emerging from cosmic boundaries. “I truly feel a direct connection with the sun and the moon. There are more answers out there than I find on this earth”, says Alabastra.

​These are a few covers for grabs that I recorded a while back, just for the fun of it. Knock yourself out!

You can also get it on Apple Music

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