Sister Moon

Synchronize with Sister Moon

The cycles of Sister Moon are paramount to the well being of all life.

Synchronizing with her cycle leads to a feeling of inner peace and corrects imbalances in our energies.​

​Alabastra transfers the light of Sister Moon onto you thereby returning your energy to the lunar cycle.​

​True synchronization with full and lasting effects requires diligence and patience.​
​May Alabastra synchronize you to the cycle of Sister Moon so that you may be in lasting harmony with your being.

Connect with Sister Moon

The light of Sister Moon is purifying and cleansing. Its properties are potent at rebalancing our energy.
Sister moon can remove any impurities that may be present. ​Be washed by Sister Moon’s light, which can touch your soul and purify your aura.

​Feel Sister Moon enter your being. Your heart should calm. Your mind should become still, and you will feel serenity.
​This connection is not something to be taken lightly. It is a sacred connection built for lifetime. May Sister Moon reach you!​
Once you have connected with Sister Moon, there is no turning back to the inner turmoil from before. Blessed may she be.

The Full Moon Rite.

When Sister Moon is at her fullest she is also at her most powerful. Partake in the ritual of the full moon.

Full moon night and the two before and after are magnificent nights to be touched by Sister Moon’s light.
Alabastra will guide you into the light, where all impurities will be obliterated from within. A true spiritual cleansing.

The connection with Sister Moon at her fullest often creates a total sense of tranquility in those who participate in the rite. Once you have participated, Sister Moon will remain with you forever.

May Alabastra transmit the Full Moon’s light into you, so that your purity and harmony is restored. 

Do you want to touch our Sister Moon?

Do you want to be cleansed by her purifying light and feel her restore balance and harmony to your spiritual energy?

Alabastra can propagate the light of the Sister Moon into those in her presence.

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