The Sun Dance

Hand In The Sun Matrix. 3-18-19.TIme 4.46:26

Matrix Energy. Into The Sun. 3-21-19 Time 4.38:08

Much animation and vitality of characters right above the Sun. 7-10-18 TIme 5:34:27

A cluster of energy beings accompanying our Sun. If I could only enlarge it!! 7-10-18 TIme 5:43:21

The appearances of these cast of characters are constant in this segment. I would call it Hand In The Sun

Color’s Of The Sun 7-15-18 Time 4:59:00

Sun Transformation Mini Sun coming into view at 5:39:55 7-19-18 (Scene One)

Here comes the Towering Sun taking over the small one in plain sight at the same spot.
7-19-18 5:41:04: (Scene Two)

Now you can see the large Sun adjacent to the miniature Soleil 7-19-18. Time 5:44:50. (Scene Three)

Into The Clouds. 7-24-18 Time 5:16:30

Feel The Energy inside Out. Back ground turned dark for a moment. 9-17-18. Time 5:11:23

Same spot the back ground turned brighter after a minute the Sun energy transformed at the tip of my finger 9-17-18. Time 5:12:31

Sun Triangle same as the Moon Triangle with same reflective shimmer of light. 9-23-18 TIme 4:41:58

Sun Burst Into My Room 9-24-18 Time 3:03:40

Same Moon Color is reflective here with The Sun so the question is where is The Source Of The Light coming from? 10-11-18.Time 4:09:28

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