Guardian Stars

Connect with Sirius

May Alabastra connect you to Sirius, the most magnanimous of our Guardians, whom shines brightest in the night sky.

Sirius is our Guardian best suited to bless you at the outset of a long and arduous undertaking. Her blessing is unparalleled.
Sirius gives path illuminating guidance to whomever she touches. Alabastra shall bring her light into you.

Not only will Sirius’ light bring you clarity and direction, her light cultivates new growth in the individual. A re-birth and renaissance of spirit.

As Sirius was the Goddess of Fertility to the Egyptians, she continues to bring fortune in our fertility both Spiritually to all of us.

Touch the Guardian Stars

Alabastra must first touch you with the Guardian Stars. They are here to guide you.

The light of the stars will bring clarity to what may lay ahead on your journey, be spiritual or in everyday life.
Speak with your guardians, who will guide you along your path towards whatever you may desire.

The light of the Guardian Stars will lead you towards accomplishment and good fortune.
Allowing the Guardian Stars light to fill you should bring clarity to your life. No longer will a shroud of confusion be cast upon your third eye.

The Rite of the Guardians

Partake in the Ritual of the Rite of the Guardians, which shall forever link you with our celestial shepherds.

This is a sacred process that will allow the light of Guardians to enter into the chakra points of the individual.
Any knots in your spirit, any twists in your energy, and obscuring of your third eye should be lifted.

After the Rite of the Guardians the weight will be lifted, the shroud cast aside. No longer should doubts creep into your mind’s eye
May Alabastra perform the Rite of the Guardians with you. so that you shall once again see.

Do you want to bring clarity to your doubt  and see the path forward towards your goals and desires? 

Alabastra can propagate the light of the Guardian Stars into those in her presence.

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